Thursday, June 20, 2019

The Think Aloud Learning Strategy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Think loudly Learning Strategy - Assignment ExampleThe actors domain that the Think Aloud method of recognizing cognition is a way of learning the productive thought carry through of students, a fact that is confirmed by the seek studies that the researchers conducted. The Think Aloud scheme is a adjoin use by effective instructors to demonstrate the effectiveness of the strategy to students. This is done by demonstrating the ease of resolving power problems that require cognitive thinking to solve the problems. The importance of the Think Aloud process is a way that give the axe be used by teachers to value how their students respond to hard tasks in the classroom setting. This is because the process gives teachers the opportunity to learn the weaknesses of their students in problem solving situations, therefore, helping in the identification of effective solutions. The process also teaches students the importance of internal dialogue in problem identification and solu tion, a fact that leads to the effective development of reading skills. The Think Aloud process allows students to develop into reflective and independent learners, therefore, leading to effective achievement of learning tasks. This factor is beneficial because it allows the student to approach problems with the proper mindset for effective solutions. ... Therefore, the teacher monitoring the students is able to identify weak spots in the reading strategy employed by the student, and propose effective solutions to the problems. The Think Aloud strategy is also used in problem solution, where the student refers to the steps already completed in the solution process, and identifies errors or difficulties encountered. Therefore, the Think Aloud strategy is used to improve the problem solving capability of the students and improve their learning ability. The other application of the Think Aloud process is to research and data collection. The process of thinking aloud when performing a d ifficult task is also useful in collecting data related to the cognitive process of a discharge subject. This means that, a researcher aiming to study the cognitive process can utilize the Think Aloud strategy to identify the cognitive processes involved in the thinking process therefore, the results can be used to map cognitive processes. According to Johnstone, Bottsford-Miller and Thompson (2006), the Think Aloud process is independent of the interpretive process in the human brain therefore, the data collected from the process is viable and cannot be manipulated by a student or researcher. Therefore, the Think Aloud process can be identified to be of importance in the solution process of a research study. 3 In the health care industry, the Think Aloud process can also be used to identify solutions to the problems stated above. According to Phaneuf (2009), the nursing industry is currently exposed to changing situations and increasing workloads. The author states that after the change in nursing

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